Tooth Decay Or Cavity

9 Causes Of Black Spots On Teeth

December 20, 2022

Having black spots on your teeth can be disconcerting, but it’s essential to understand why they occur first and then take steps to remove them. Over time, plaque buildup hardens into tartar, leading to enamel wearing away and exposing this natural hue. Having black spots on your teeth should not be taken lightly, as it indicates underlying dental issues that need to be addressed. So here are some major causes that cause black spots on your teeth and ways to remove them:.

Are Black Spots On Teeth Normal?

The short answer is no. It’s because black spots on teeth are not normal and should always be checked by a dentist or doctor. While some causes are harmless, such as staining from certain beverages or tartar buildup, others may be more severe and require treatment. 

What Causes Black Spots On Teeth? 

Tooth Decay Or Cavity 

One of the most common reasons for black spots on your teeth is tooth decay or cavities. This occurs when bacteria feed off the sugar in the mouth, producing acids. They break down enamel and cause small holes known as cavities. The cavity weakens, leading to discoloration that appears as dark spots. 

Injury To An Affected Tooth 

People experiencing trauma to a tooth, like chipping or cracking, often experience black spots on their teeth. It leads to darker areas appearing around the affected area due to blood cells in the injured area. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need treatment from a professional dental team.  

Tartar Buildup On Tooth 

Tartar is a hard deposit formed by minerals in saliva, that can build up around your gums. If left untreated, it can cause discoloration on the tooth surface, resulting in dark spots around them.  

Tooth Staining From Certain Beverages 

Certain beverages, such as coffee and tea, can cause staining of your enamel. It eventually leads to discoloration of your teeth in certain areas, which causes dark patches or even entire sections to appear darker than others.  

Discoloration Due To Antibiotic Use 

If you have taken antibiotics recently, this could result in dark stains forming on your teeth. It happens because tetracycline binds with calcium particles in our saliva. This results in tooth discoloration if not treated promptly by a professional dental team. 


Fluorosis is an uncommon condition caused by excessive consumption of fluoride, either through water supply or diet. It gets absorbed into our bodies, resulting in mottling or white patches. Sometimes, it stains our enamel over time if left unchecked by a doctor/dentist.   

Celiac Disease 

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten consumption which affects many parts of our body, including our oral health. If you have celiac disease, it might even lead to discoloration around certain areas due to increased levels present within your saliva. Over time if left unchecked with regular visits to the dentist, your oral health condition might worsen. So it’s vital to ensure proper care is taken accordingly with medication.

Dental Restoration 

In some cases, a dental restoration may be necessary, resulting in different materials used while repairing broken parts of your teeth. It leads to patchy areas appearing darker than usual due to improper bonding between two surfaces.

Tobacco Consumption 

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products will eventually lead to tar deposits forming along various surfaces. Such a condition leads to staining and discoloration once again if left unchecked with frequent visits to the dentist.

What Foods Cause Black Spots On Teeth?  

There are several foods that, when consumed excessively, result in the formation of plaque & tartar. It is considered a major cause of teeth discoloration if left unchecked. Foods such as soda pop, candy bars, potato chips, & other sugary snacks are most likely to cause black spots on your teeth. If you consume them without proper oral hygiene, then let us warn you: You’re in grave danger. Such conditions lead to the formation of plaque & tartar that get trapped in your teeth, causing black spots.

How To Remove Black Spots On Teeth?

The thought of black spots or discoloration on your teeth may be concerning. Black teeth can be caused by many factors and have different levels of severity. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to correct black teeth, from simple lifestyle changes to intervention from a dental professional. The first step is to establish the cause of black teeth, which can be because of drinking coffee or tea, smoking tobacco, or something else entirely. Once the root cause is established, there are several potential treatments for black teeth. Some of them are:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening strips and trays
  • Bleaching treatments
  • Laser whitening treatments

These treatments are administered at the dentist’s office, which can help you eliminate black spots that tend to appear on your teeth. No matter your black teeth condition, there is hope for a brighter smile!

The Bottom Line 

Despite their unappealing appearance, black spots on your teeth indicate severe oral health issues. Don’t let those black spots stain your facial appearance. If the staining is intense or accompanied by pain, it could signify a more serious dental problem. Talk to your dentist if you’re concerned about black spots on your teeth. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and get treated effectively to get rid of your stained teeth.

Do black spots on teeth go away?

Yes, black spots on your teeth go away with professional dental care. You need to visit your dentist for further guidance on your condition.

Is a black spot on a tooth always a cavity?

No, it’s not always a cavity, but you can’t eliminate that possibility totally. Black spots on your teeth might also appear because of consuming tea, coffee, and soda.

Do I need to quit smoking if I have black spots on my teeth?

Smoking and tobacco consumption are one of the very reasons behind having black spots on your teeth. If the black spots are spreading across most of your teeth, then you need to limit your smoking habits.