Orthodontist Treatment in Beaverton

How Are Braces Put On?

July 29, 2022

It’s a huge deal to get braces, but it’s simpler than you might think. Although your orthodontist will walk you through the process, it can be helpful to be familiar with the fundamentals before you go. Additionally, knowing what to expect when receiving orthodontic treatment can make the entire procedure less frightening. You’ll likely have many inquiries as you prepare for your first consultation. Our dentists at Pacific Northwest Dental have provided all the information on braces in this blog.

What Happens While Putting On Braces?

Your favorite Beaverton orthodontist has explained the entire process in detail in this section.

The First Consultation

You could meet with your orthodontist in Beaverton for a consultation before your first appointment. Bring any dental x-rays you might have with you. Your orthodontist will assess your teeth and prescribe a course of action. Come prepared and ask any questions you may have now!

Before Treatment

Visit your dentist before getting braces! Have your teeth cleaned by a professional. Your Beaverton orthodontist may advise taking care of these disorders before braces if you need treatment for other oral health issues (such as periodontal issues or tooth extraction).

Your First Visit

You will first have x-rays taken of each tooth and your entire mouth. You might also have pictures of your mouth, teeth, and face. Spacers may be introduced to prepare your mouth for braces if there is an issue with the spacing between teeth. The next stage is to create a precise mold, regardless of whether you want to have standard braces or specialized behind-the-teeth braces. Your orthodontist will make an impression on your teeth to accomplish that. Your orthodontist may take a digital scan of your mouth instead of having you bite down on a tray of soft impression material for a short period.

Getting Braces

Before getting braces, remember to brush and floss! Most patients report no pain during the treatment itself. You might wish to bring some music to keep yourself entertained as your bonding appointment could run up to two hours. To keep your mouth dry and your tongue in its proper position, your orthodontist in Beaverton will first insert a device. After drying your teeth, they will apply an etchant to prepare the tooth surface for bonding. A unique adhesive will then be used to attach the braces to your teeth, keeping them in place for the duration of your therapy. A curing light will set the bond and harden the adhesive. The archwire will then be threaded through the braces by the orthodontist, who will then secure it with ligature bands (unless you selected self-ligating braces, which don’t require additional bands). 

Follow-Up Appointments

You’ll have 4–8 weeks after getting your braces on to adjust before your initial follow-up appointment. The process of these standard “adjustments” is far quicker than the initial process of receiving braces. Your orthodontist will evaluate your development, replace the outdated bands, and, if necessary, archwire with a new set.  Adjustment appointments may be advised throughout your therapy every 4 to 8 weeks. It is typical to experience some moderate discomfort for a few days after the archwire replacement, but it will pass quickly. Ask your orthodontist about their recommended strategies for minimizing pain if you have any concerns.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about placing braces. Book an appointment with us at Pacific Northwest Dental for the best orthodontic services in Beaverton, OR.