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The Dos And Don’ts Of Using Clear Aligners in Beaverton

April 28, 2022

There is a lot to learn about orthodontics, and it’s making you stressed and confused. If you want to find out more about clear aligners, keep reading below. Maybe this is what you need. When you spend your hard-earned money on a treatment, you want to ensure that you take the proper steps to get the best results. You don’t have to deal with a lot of the hassle and discomfort of a metal brace when you use clear aligners. Visit Pacific Northwest Dental in Beaverton, OR for the best clear aligners treatment.

It doesn’t matter that the aligners are easier to live with because they still need your care, commitment, and compatibility to get the best results. Here are the main dos and don’ts for clear aligners, so read on to find out.

What You Can Eat

They must avoid hard fruit and vegetables, chewy sweets, and anything else that could damage the metal braces.

By getting a good clear aligner, you get rid of the food barrier literally, so you can take them out whenever you want to eat. Removable braces give you the freedom to eat whatever you want, from the tastiest apple to the chewiest toffee. We ask that you clean your teeth and put on a new aligner as soon as you’re done.

What You Can’t Eat

There are no restrictions on what you can eat after removing your aligner. It is imperative not to eat while your clear aligner is still in your mouth. Even the softest snacks can damage a clear brace, changing the plastic and making it less effective.

Putting your aligner in while you eat can also cause food to get stuck in them, leading to tooth decay and enamel erosion. So, it’s imperative not to eat with your aligner in

People who drink do so because it is fun

In the middle of your clear aligners treatment, you can drink anything you want, from fizzy pop to iced vanilla lattes with two double shots (make sure to remove your Aligner). People who have braces on their teeth should also clean their teeth before putting them back on. This will help prevent stains, enamel erosion, and tooth decay. Clear braces can only be worn with water.

There are some things you should not do when you drink

While wearing clear aligners, don’t drink fizzy, sweet, or vinegary drinks, because these drinks can hurt your teeth and cause them to fall out. A brace can make it hard for you to drink these kinds of drinks. They can get stuck inside and wear away at your enamel, which could cause long-term tooth decay. To drink water, you might want to stick with H2O.

Hot drinks are also a no-no when you have your aligners on. You might think a quick cup of coffee won’t have an effect, but even a tiny amount of heat can change them. You can’t make your teeth straight with a brace that isn’t the right shape. This will cause problems and delays in your treatment.

Cleaning Your Teeth Dos

When you wear your clear aligner, you stop saliva from moving freely, which stops the mouth’s natural cleaning system. When you remove your clear braces, you must brush your teeth thoroughly. This will help you maintain good dental hygiene.

A good scrub isn’t just for your teeth. It would be best if you also clean your clear aligner. We say it would be best if you cleaned them with lukewarm, soapy water every time you brush your teeth. It could hurt the brace if the soap has a lot of chemicals in it, or if it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it at all.

It would be best to clean the aligner twice a week with a disinfectant tablet to get rid of any bacteria that may have built up. Do not do anything else.

  • Add one tablet when you put the aligner in a glass of water that isn’t too hot.
  • Make sure the aligner is fully submerged, and let it soak for about 15 minutes before rinsing it.
  • Remove the aligner, and then soak it in water before putting it back in your mouth again.

Don’ts of Cleaning Your Clear Aligners

Hot water is used for everything from taking a shower in the morning to cleaning your pots and pans. That’s not all. When you wash your clear brace, you should not use hot water. They are made of very heat-sensitive plastic. If you keep heating the aligners, they will bend and warp, which will hurt your treatment.

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