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What To Expect During Orthodontic Consultations?

November 28, 2022

The primary purpose of orthodontic consultations is to identify any underlying issues that can affect your oral health badly. Before it worsens, you need to visit your orthodontist for expert guidance. Some significant matters that orthodontists address are crooked teeth and overcrowded teeth issues. These issues require frequent consultations for better results. But have you ever wondered what kind of procedures and aspects you should consider before opting for orthodontic consultations? So here is everything you can expect from orthodontic consultations.

What Is An Orthodontic Consultation? 

An orthodontic consultation involves an appointment with your orthodontist to know your oral health condition. It tends to help your orthodontist evaluate your condition, based on which they can suggest suitable treatment options for you. It is considered the first step in achieving your dream smile and making it a reality. 

What Does An Orthodontist Do In The First Consultation? 

On your first consultation, your orthodontist will examine your teeth, mouth, and jaws. After this, they will ask you if you face a problem while swallowing or chewing food. To understand your oral health better, they might ask you to open your mouth wide or will check your eating pattern as well. To examine these things, sometimes orthodontists take photographs of your teeth and x-rays of your mouth and teeth. It is followed by providing a customized treatment plan for addressing these specific needs. 

What To Expect During Orthodontic Consultation? 

For acquiring an orthodontic consultation, it’s obvious that you want to know what’s included in the treatment procedures. Apart from this, it’s also important to understand the extent to which the treatments are cost-effective and relevant based on your current oral health condition. Here’s a list of things to expect from an initial orthodontic consultation:

Dental History

Before getting a consultation, your orthodontist will require an understanding of your dental history. For this, they will make you fill out forms of the necessary paperwork, which would contain your medical and dental history. It helps them determine the last time you visited a dentist or had x-rays done. These two things are crucial as it’s based on these propositions that the orthodontist will evaluate the best-suited treatment plan for you. 

Oral Imaging And Examination

After locating the medical and dental history, your orthodontist will perform oral examinations and imaging. With the help of an oral examination, your orthodontist can identify the issues you might be facing. For instance, if you have teeth alignment issues or have a cavity, the oral examinations will show them, and your orthodontist will locate that perfectly. Some notable oral examination procedures include using hand tools, which help examine your gums and teeth. On the other hand, it also consists of a dental putty that molds your teeth alongside dental imaging. It tends to involve using x-rays to examine your teeth and jaw. 

Initial Treatment Plan 

Once your orthodontist tends to go through all of your necessary medical and dental records, they initiate a treatment plan. The treatment plans first emphasize correcting the prominent moral issues from oral examinations. For this, they will schedule your appointment accordingly to fix those issues. 

Insurance And Payment 

After your initial treatment plan is finalized, you further understand the estimated cost required for getting the treatment done. This requires discussing the insurance and payment procedure needed for fulfilling the treatment. The dentist’s office will review your insurance and discuss it with you. However, most dentist offices also provide financing options, which makes your treatment even more cost-effective.

The Bottom Line 

Getting an orthodontic treatment in Greenville is made easy with hassle-free orthodontic consultations. It helps you to ensure proper teeth functionality for creating healthy smiles. You can make your dream smile a reality with a proper orthodontic consultation and treatment plan. Schedule an orthodontic consultation in Greenville and get the best-customized treatment plan today.