Emergency dentist in Beaverton

When should you see an emergency dentist?

March 21, 2022

Most of us do not realize the importance of an emergency dentist until we need them. Even though people prefer visiting a general dentist for any dental problems, treatment, or dental checkups, there are instances where the help of an emergency dentist in Beaverton is sought after. They are qualified dental professionals who undergo the same education and training as general dentists. They further specialize in dealing with dental emergencies.

When should you see an emergency dentist?

A dental emergency can happen anytime, and the emergency dentists are available round the clock to provide the needful help and pain relief for patients approaching them. Toothache is one of the most common causes of a dental emergency. The person experiencing a severe toothache should consult their nearest emergency dentist in Beaverton to get proper treatment right on time.

Toothaches are primarily the result of bad oral habits, and due to the patient not going for regular dental checkups. By maintaining proper oral hygiene and frequent dental visits, the possibility of toothache could have been eliminated.

A tooth might get broken or chipped off, especially during an accident or trauma. If the pain does not subside, the chances are that the nerve could have been affected, which may necessitate a root canal treatment. If there is no pain and the teeth have been chipped, the emergency dentist in Beaverton may suggest placing porcelain veneers.

Other scenarios include pain due to gum disease, infection of the teeth, abscessed teeth that can result in severe pain. There could be scenarios wherein a tooth can get knocked off due to a fall or while playing sports. The knocked-off tooth should be taken by the top and not the root. It should then be placed in a glass of milk or saltwater. The person should then try to immediately visit the nearby emergency dentist in Beaverton within half an hour if possible. It is because the knocked-out tooth can be affixed again before getting damaged if you reach the dentist within an hour.

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What does the emergency dentist do?

The Beaverton dentist will help alleviate the pain that the person may experience. The dentist knows the proper medications for helping the person get rid of inflammation or infection. The emergency dentist in Beaverton will most likely recommend you to come for further consultations once the infection or inflammation becomes less. During the visit, the emergency dentist in Beaverton will treat the affected tooth or part of the gums.