Daily Flossing Routine

Tips To Celebrate National Flossing Day

October 25, 2022

National Flossing Day is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It started in the year 2000. The main purpose of this holiday is to raise awareness of the value of flossing for oral health. After enjoying your Thanksgiving meal, you need to take care of your teeth to maintain your dental health. Flossing helps remove bacteria, plaque, and food from between your teeth, and reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. 

Tips To Celebrate National Flossing Day

The tips to celebrate National Flossing Day are:

1. Pick The Right Dental Floss For You

Dental floss is available in two kinds: waxed and unwaxed. Unwaxed floss is thinner than waxed, which some might find more comfortable. Waxed dental floss moves more smoothly between teeth. It also has a lesser chance it gets tangled with dental works, like caps and retainers.

2. Flossing Technique

It is important to know the best ways to floss your teeth. Unwind about 18 inches of flossing thread and wrap them around each index finger. Pull both ends of the floss and gently slide between your teeth in an up-and-down motion. Use a clean section for each tooth.

3. Developing A Daily Flossing Routine

Dentists recommend flossing at least once a day. You can incorporate flossing into your morning or evening routine. Flossing daily not only ensures your tooth stays clean but rids your mouth of cavities-causing bacteria too

4. Multitask To Make Flossing More Enjoyable

Multitasking while flossing helps you incorporate it into your daily routine. You can watch TV, listen to music, or review your daily schedule while you floss.

Floss For Better Teeth

National Flossing Day is an excellent opportunity to review your flossing techniques and establish a good flossing routine. Dental floss has evolved since it was invented. Taking care of your teeth and gums is an important dental health practice that will help you enjoy many Thanksgivings!