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Why should you prefer dental bonding?

March 11, 2022

There are many treatment options for chipped, broken, or stained teeth. One of the various sought-after options is dental bonding. One of the important benefits of teeth bonding is its lesser cost compared to veneers. However, it can still deliver an attractive smile that you have always wanted. It is a suitable option if your teeth require only minor repairs and no extensive procedures or treatment. Check with your dental office in Beaverton to know whether the dental bonding is covered under your dental insurance if you have one.

Dental Bonding: What is it?

It is a non-invasive procedure that a cosmetic dentist in Beaverton performs. During this procedure, the Beaverton dentist will apply a composite material with the same color as your natural tooth. The composite material will then be molded according to the shape of your teeth before hardening and polishing. The material bonds easily to the teeth. It is also a better alternative compared to tooth fillings. It is because it can be used for filling small cavities.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding comes with many benefits. It is an affordable option compared to other types of treatment options. It is inexpensive and fits within the budget of those who do not have dental insurance or much money to spend on expensive treatments. It also can be performed quickly and easily. The whole procedure takes only a single visit to the dentist in Beaverton. However, it requires regular maintenance by the individual since there is a greater possibility of the bonding material getting stained. It can last for many years. However it is less durable compared to bridges and crowns.

The Procedure

It takes less time depending on the extent of the patient’s problem. Local anesthesia is not necessary unless and until the filling of a decayed tooth is required. The dentist in Beaverton will assess the patient’s dental issue, and the resin filling for the tooth will be prepared based on it. The dentist will try to find the right balance between the shade of your teeth and the color of the composite material to make it look like the natural tooth itself. The dentist will use an adhesive. They will perform the etching of the tooth’s surface for the bonding material to stick better to the tooth. Once done, the resin will be placed. A special light is then used for hardening the bonded material. Finally, it is shaped and polished. The entire process may take up to one hour for each tooth. After that, the patient can leave the dental office with a new smile.

Bonding Preservation

Once the dental bonding is completed, the patient will have to follow a few instructions as mentioned by the Beaverton dentist after returning home as part of the aftercare steps. There is a greater possibility of the bonding getting stained. Therefore the person will have to avoid drinking coffee and acidic beverages that cause staining the teeth. Patients should also be careful while chewing hard food since bonding can chip if not adequately taken care of. Similarly, the person having the habit of biting their nails should also avoid doing so to prevent the damage of dental bonding. If you are looking for affordable dental bonding services, contact your nearest dentist in Beaverton.