Oral Surgery

Dentist’s Guide To Faster Recovery After Your Oral Surgery

November 28, 2021

Oral surgery is frequently required for a variety of dental disorders. Oral procedures include everything from tooth extraction to removal of the impacted teeth. Most people are afraid of surgery, and some find the healing process to be very painful. To avoid further dental health concerns, you must be very careful during your recovery period. Our dentists at Pacific Northwest Dental have compiled a list of helpful tips for your oral surgery recovery.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed inside or around your mouth. The procedure will be performed by your Beaverton dentist, and he or she will be the best person to tell you if you require oral surgery. Certain forms of oral surgery are only performed by skilled dental hygienists. They are highly trained and you don’t have to worry about the safety of the procedures. Furthermore, sedatives are administered, so you will be without any pain throughout your procedure.

How To Recover Faster After Your Oral Surgery?

The best dentist in Beaverton has compiled a list of after-care instructions that will ensure effective healing. Follow them to avoid any complications post your surgical procedure

Take Rest

You must give your body a lot of rest over the next 24 hours. For at least a week, avoid intense physical tasks. You can resume your normal activities once the region has healed completely.

Take Proper Care Of The Affected Region

After your oral surgery, you must be very careful within the next couple of hours.  Let a blood clot form in the affected area. Do not disturb the region in any manner. This will ensure that you heal faster and reduce the chances of any infections. Avoid talking or chewing much. You must be mindful of spitting and sucking as well since they could dislodge the clot.

Follow A Soft Diet

After your oral surgery, stick to soft foods. During the healing stage, hard and chewy foods should be avoided. It could cause problems at the surgical site. You should also avoid foods and beverages that are extremely spicy or hot. This will reduce your discomfort while you are recovering. Consult your Beaverton dentist in case of any further issues.

Hydrate Yourself

During the healing process, stay hydrated. This will also hasten your recovery. Stay away from drinks that contain excessive caffeine and acid. You should also stay away from very hot or cold beverages to make sure that your recovery period is hassle-free

Opt For Pain Medication

To control your pain, speak with your dentist in Beaverton. You can tell them about your medical records and they will prescribe pain relievers that are appropriate for your dental condition.  Based on the intensity of the problem, you may be given over-the-counter pain relievers or something stronger. We hope this information helps you to recover faster after your oral surgery. Looking for the best oral surgeries in Beaverton,  OR? Get in touch with us at Pacific Northwest Dental and enjoy our dental care procedures.